Sonntag, 11. April 2010


wer hätte das gedacht, finde ich mein zitat des sonntags doch glatt im gentlewoman-interview mit jenny holzer. passt meiner ansicht nach nämlich ganz gut zu meinem blogexkurs vor wenigen tagen:

gentlewoman: Some of your Truisms were sadly prophetic. Like PEOPLE ARE NUTS IF THEY THINK THEY ARE IMPORTANT.
jenny holzer: Yes, funny, I wish more bloggers would remember it.
gentlewoman: Do you follow blogs?
jenny holzer: I read a number of them, and I`am grateful for the people who write and know something. But there is a lot of "I walked in the park" and "I had lunch" in too many blogs and I wish these people would stay quiet. (...) all those folks who just write "me-me-me" and "I-I-I" make me shiver.

und wo sie recht hat, hat sie recht.

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